Bronze Kit Discrepancies, Consent Forms & Tent Hire Forms

Dear All,

Please find below the discrepancies that I still need to see despite the deadline being Tuesday’s parade (I only need to see the items listed not all of your kit again). *If you are unable to attend on Friday for any reason you need to contact me and discuss this with me.*

If you do not have all the kit outlined on the kit list you will not be able to attend the training walk and expedition this weekend. However, if you have any problems getting any of the equipment please speak to Flying Officer Ross and FS (ATC) Hensby or myself as a matter of urgency and we will do whatever we can to help you.
Arrival on Saturday morning is 09:30 at the Sqn, unless you are doing climatic injury training, which starts at 08:30 prompt. Only one cadet has replied to say they are attending this, so we are assuming the rest are attending the session on Friday evening at 18:00.

Group 1 – discrepancies
– Tours – Boots, spare leggings, mug, Water bottles – Lever – map case

Group 2 – discrepancies
– Blanck – Compass, Map case, Whistles, Water bottles, – Hulse – Water bottles – Thompson – Boots, spare clothes, torches, compass, water bottles, space laces – Ellor-Holmes – spare clothes, rucksack, waterproof jacket, waterbottles, first aid kit, sewing kit, washkit, whistle

Group 3 – discrepancies
– Pimblatt – spare clothes, waterproof, water bottles, mug, wash kit – Pickard – Rucksack, gloves, bootlaces, water bottles, wash kit, map case, spork, torch

Group 4 – discrepancies
– Chesworth – Boot laces, Water bottles, hat, sewing kit, wash kit, spare batteries, boots, trousers – Neale-Williams – Water bottles – Noone – Water bottles – Hughes – Waterproof trousers, water bottles, Bootlaces, first aid kit

Any remaining kit hire / buy forms need to be in as a matter of urgency. The following cadets have not yet completed tent hire forms and if you do not have your own tent you will each need to individually complete a hire form and submit the hire fee for a tent.
– Lever – Tours – Ellor-Holmes – Thompson

In addition, I still need confirmation as to who is sharing tents so that I can issue them (sharing in 2’s or 3’s):
– Crowley – Dean – Hulse – Noone – Pickard – Thompson

The following consent forms are still missing, please bring them down by Friday 31st March 2017:
– Campbell-Briggs – Tours – Ellor-Holmes – Pickering – Thompson – Berry – Johnson – Pimblatt – Pingol – Crowley – Hughes – No one – Pickard

The following menus are still missing:
– Tours – Blanck – Ellor-Holmes – Hulme – Pickering – Thompson – Harradine – Johnson – Chesworth – Kneale-Williams – Noone – Pickard

Finally, Group 2 I can not find your Day 2 route card anywhere so you will need to either find it or typed it up again during Friday’s parade.

We will not have time to complete and chase all the above on Saturday morning before the expeditions so you will need to make maximum effort to get this all sorted during Fridays parade.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or any other the other DofE staff.

Sgt (ATC) Royle

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