Inter-Region Senior Hockey Competition Information

Congratulations once again on being selected to represent the Region at Senior Hockey, a fantastic achievement for you all.
I have now received the travel arrangements for Friday 7th April, you will travel in the evening in 1438’s minibus to RAF Cranwell and the competition is on Saturday 8th April.
All accommodation and messing will be provided on Saturday, either have your tea before you go on Friday or take some money for a service station on the way.
Please ensure you have a sleeping bag/pillow with you along with toiletries. You will be provided with Region Kit, please take appropriate trainers and recommended gum shield and long shin pads. Take with you a hockey stick! If you need to borrow from the squadron please let me know. Please not the bus travelling is fairly full of cadets so please make an attempt at compacting your kit!
You must take your 3822 with a photo and a new health form (must be version 2.0, recently changed).
The pickup on the Friday is at 18:50 from Burtonwood Services on the M62, please can the 4 of you confirm whether you are able to arrange lifts amongst yourselves? Due to the fact it’s a parade night and I’m unable to provide transport as I am running the Race Night on the programme, please let me know asap.
Hope you have an awesome day and GOOD LUCK!! Remember I need a photograph of you all at the competition!!! Any questions give me a call and let me know how you get on! Most importantly enjoy the competition!
FS (ATC) Hensby

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