Region Inspection Details – Tuesday 4th April

Quick reminder of the details for Tuesday’s parade. This is a big night in our calendar and the next step towards once again going forwards as one of the top Squadrons in the Corps!
Please arrive at 18:30, to enable us plenty of time to prep and practice before the Group Captain arrives. Many thanks to the cadets who have volunteered to arrive at 18:00 for a last sweep around of the Sqn.
All cadets are to be in Wedgewood blues uniform. Do make sure everything is ironed and polished ready! Cadets in the FA team will need greens uniform to change into. All cadets should have jumpers and jeltex jackets with them just in case, it is likely all cadets will be wearing jumpers for the Group Captain’s inspection.
The programme will be continuing in our WFTD prep sections. This will start after a parade, inspection and photo with the Group Captain. Bronze cadets will be doing a training session.
See you all on Tuesday
Fg Off Moores

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