Bronze Qualifying Expedition

I hope that you enjoyed the Practice Expedition as well as finding it challenging. Well done on completing it.

I will be catching up with all the groups to discuss any problems you had in more detail. If you would like to discuss anything individually please do not hesitate to contact myself or FS Hensby.

Please ensure that you are available for the route planning sessions outlined below, you will need to attend at least 2 of them if you wish to proceed to the Qualifying Expedition and ensure that as a team you are sufficiently prepared for it and a number of you have already missed the first date:

*4th April 2017*
Route Planning for Qualifying Expedition
*7th April 2017*
Route Planning for Practice Expedition
*11th April 2017*
Route Planning for Practice Expedition
& *Full Kit Check*

For the *full* kit check you will need to attend in the clothing and boots that you are going to walk in and bring all the items on the kit list (apart from any food or water). Kit list is available on the squadron website if you need another copy.

If you are unable to attend on any of the dates outlined above please ensure that you let me know beforehand.

If you have hired any equipment please keep it until after the qualifying expedition and if you need to hire or buy any additional kit or equipment please hand in a completed hire form as soon as possible with the appropriate hire fees in an envelope so that we have time to get your equipment ready for the kit check.

Please also hand in your consent form as soon as possible as well so I don’t need to chase them on again on the day.

Sgt (ATC) Royle

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