RAF Shawbury Visit – Tue 11 April 2017

There are only seven places available and the following cadets have been selected to attend.
Pimblatt Cengiz Lever Noone Crowley Perrie Walker
Dress is working blue – bring jumper and a warm jacket in case it is cold – although we will be mostly in hangers.
– 3822 – TG21/23 Permission / Health forms
Lunch will be available in the mess – cost about £2. You may also wish to bring snacks/drinks although these will not be allowed in the hangers – so it is just for the journey.
Be at the Sqn at 07:45 – departure is 08:00 We will return at approx 16:00
You need to respond back to confirm that you are attending.
Sqn Ldr Thompson

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