Qualifying Expedition – 14th & 15th April 2017

Dear All,

As discussed, arrival on Friday morning is 08.00 at the Sqn.
On arrival we will be doing food checks, discrepancies and assessor briefs before transporting you to your starting point.

Adequate food is absolutely crucial to the expedition and I am aware that FS (ATC) Henbsy fed back to a couple of you at the practice that she was concerned about the amount of food you had with you. If you don’t have enough food for the Qualifying Expedition then you simply will not be able to go. If you are unsure whether you have enough food then do not hesitate to email or bring some money with you in case you need to buy any extra food / snacks on the morning.

Please find below the discrepancies that we will also need to see:

Group 1 – discrepancies
– Tours – water bottles (2 litres) and whistle – Lever – map case and water bottles (2 litres) – Campbell-Briggs – water bottles (2 litres)

Group 3 – discrepancies
– Pimblatt – gloves, water bottles (2 litres), map case – Pingol – torch – Cengiz – water bottles (2 litres)

Group 4 – discrepancies
– Chesworth – Spare Clothes, water bottles (2 litres) – Crowley – bootlaces, washkit – Hughes – map case, mug – Noone – map case

In addition, I still need the following consent forms:
– Campbell-Briggs – Tours – Berry – Chesworth – Crowley – Hughes – Pickard

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me or any other the other DofE staff.

Sgt (ATC) Royle

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