Silver Practice Expedition – Discrepancies and other missing items

Dear All,

Please find below the discrepancies and other items that you need to provide on *Tuesday 25th April 2017 at the latest* as we will be leaving the squadron on Friday evening.

Don’t forget that if you have missed a session you *must* attend the final one on Tuesday as these are team planning sessions. If you are unable to attend on this date then please ensure that you speak to *me* directly.

*Monies owed*
– James – £100 – Peacock – £118 – Romeling – £100 – Tomlinson – £100 – Williams – £100 – Alyliffe – £100 – Boyd – £100 – Davenport – £100 – Kirwin – £100 – Wager – £100 – Walker – £100 – Carlin – £100

*Full Kit Checks – Outstanding *
– Peacock – Romeling – Boyd

*Discrepancies* – (I only need to see the items listed not all of your kit or clothing again).
Group 1
– Kirwin – washkit, waterproof jacket – Davenport – Rucksack liner – Walker – Rucksack liner, bootlaces – Wager – Rucksack, torch – Ayliffe – bootlaces

Group 2
– Tidd – Gloves – Krzyzanowska – Waterproof trousers, Rucksack liner – Cawley – Spare Clothes, Gloves, Rucksack liner – Dutton – Gloves, Hat – Carlin – Gloves, Rucksack liner, Roll Mat

Group 3
– Tomlinson – Waterproof Trousers, Map case, Mess Tins – Williams – Sports leggings to wear and spares, Gloves, Torch, Waterbottles, Spork – Ward – Boots, Washkit, Waterproofs

*Kit Hire Forms – available on the squadron website*
Any remaining kit hire / buy forms need to be given in on Tuesday as well along with the appropriate monies. Don’t forget if you are sharing a tent you *all* have to fill in a form, get your parents to sign the waiver and give in a deposit to secure it.

*Consent Forms – Outstanding – available on the squadron website*
– James – Peacock – Romeling – Tomlinson – Ward – Alyliffe – Boyd – Kirwin – Wager – Walker – Sutton – Tidd

*Friday Evening*
Please arrive at the squadron for 18.30 on Friday and make sure you eat before you arrive.

*Food Check*
There will be a full food check when you arrive at the squadron so make sure that you have enough food for the weekend including emergency rations (and money just in case you need to supplement your food). You will be able to fill up your water containers at the campsite.

*Return Time*
This time totally depends on how you all get on with your second day and the time you anticipate being at the finish for. Please do not give your parents a time you think you will return as you will be asked to call them when we are actually on the way back to the squadron on Sunday.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me, FS (ATC) Hensby or Flying Officer Ross.

Sgt (ATC) Royle

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