Presentation Evening, 12th May – Final Confirmation

Thank you for the replies over the past few days. Final names of who is and is not attending below. Anyone who has asked for extra guests can bring them, as we are OK for numbers at the venue. Some cadets need to confirm how many guests they are bringing.
Anyone who has not replied will now not be able to attend.
I have attached the letter again for reference, reminder of key details:
– Arrive at 18:45 for a 19:00 start – Finish approx 21:30 – Smart civilian clothes, *Sqn cotton polo shirts*, no jeans. – Refreshments provided
Please ask if there are any questions.
Fg Off Moores
*Attending:* Ayliffe (0 guests) Berry (3 guests) Blanck (2 guests) Campbell-Briggs (2 guests) Carlin (2 guests) Cawley.R (2 guests) Cengiz (2 guests) Chesworth (1 guests) Crowley (2 guests) Dashwood (2 guests) Davenport (3 guests) Davidson (0 guests) Dean (1 guests) Dickinson (2 guests) Dooley.H (1 guests) Dooley.Ho (1 guests) Dutton.R (0 guests) Dutton.S (1 guests) Ellor-Holmes (3 guests) Evison (2 guests) Foulkes (2 guests) Gardner (2 guests) Harradine (2 guests) Heald (2 guests) Hensby (0 guests) Hepplewhite-Ford (2 guests) Holland (2 guests) Holmes (2 guests) Howman (2 guests) Hughes (2 guests) James (2 guests) Johnson (2 guests) Kirwin (0 guests) Kneale-Williams (2 guests) Krzyzanowska (2 guests) Lever (2 guests) Liaukus (2 guests) Lloyd (2 guests) Mattinson (1 guests) McNulty (0 guests) Moore (2 guests) Noone (2 guests) Perrie (2 guests) Pickering (2 guests) Pingol (2 guests) Ravenscroft (4 guests) Romeling (0 guests) Scheland (0 guests) Slinger (2 guests) Snowdon (2 guests) Stubbs (0 guests) Thompson (2 guests) Tidd (2 guests) Tomlinson (2 guests) Tours (2 guests) Walker (1 guests) Ward (2 guests) Westray (2 guests) Woodfinden (0 guests)
*Attending, need to confirm guests:* Beard (? guests) Cawley.S (? guests)
*Not attending:* Barcoe Barr.E Barr.R Breeze Collinson Ferguson.J Ferguson.K Halliwell Hulse Kingston Mackintosh Peacock Pickard Pimblatt Sleep Sutton Tomkins.D Tomkins.J Wager Walsh Worley
*Not replied:* Boyd Burling Douch Dykes Egerton Kalinovskaja Lovelock McLeman Moger Parr Robinson Smart Williams.A Williams.Ppdf icon 2017-05-12-Presentation-Evening-Letter.pdf

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