Athletics Team Final Selection and Details

Many thanks to all the cadets who have expressed an interest and attended trials for the Squadron Athletics Team. It’s been very hard this year to choose the team from the results, we have some amazing sporty cadets at the moment!
We will be meeting at the Squadron HQ at *06:30* tomorrow morning (Sunday 7th May), please ensure you arrive in sports kit (don’t forget trainers!). Please bring with you, waterproofs and sun-cream just in case! Bring a packed lunch and plenty of drinks.
Do NOT forget your 3822 and a TG21 (+TG23 if required) Health Form, if you don’t have these you can’t participate. I will have a pile of spares in the morning, therefore if you arrive without, your parent must come in and complete one.
We will provide sport kit ie squadron socks, shorts and tracksuits in the squadron colours in the morning.
We will hopefully be back approx 17:00, however please tell whoever is collecting you that we will give a 1 hour warning of returning to the squadron.
Please see below the team for tomorrow:
*TEAM* CWO Hensby Sgt Ferguson Sgt Worley Cpl Westray Campbell-Briggs Carlin Cawley.S Crowley Dooley Dutton.S Ferguson.K Halliwell Heald Howman James Kaplan Kelly Krzyzanowska Moore Noone Perrie Pickard Snowdon Tomlinson.G Tomlinson.S Walsh
*TRAVELLING RESERVES (Travel in Sports Kit too)* Barcoe Cawley.R
Due to all staff assisting the wing with the running of the day you must all ensure you have a look at the programme tomorrow and work out when your events are taking places and listen to the tanoy. CWO Hensby will be your staff point of contact throughout the day, however Cpl Holmes is acting as Team Manager in my place and is running the paperwork for me, she will have the programme and ensure you all attend your track or field event, please see her if you have questions. When you know the result of your event please let her know so that we can keep track of your progress.
We have a strong team this year! Let’s all have an amazing day! See you all tomorrow.
FS (ATC) Hensby

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