Camp-Ex Support

I am emailing to ask if any of you would like to attend 60 Entry’s Camp-Ex, which is running 19th-21st May.
Although we have plenty of SNCOs, I am struggling for support from female JNCOs. Your role will be to support the female FCTC cadets in getting up and ready for the day’s activities as well as helping them get used to camp life – keeping their dorms tidy and being at the right place, with the right kit within the 5 minute rule!
It is a great opportunity as more senior cadets on the squadron, to get a taster experience of taking on an ‘NCO’ responsibility.
Unfortunately, this time of year does clash with exams and it is important that they come first – this is the main reason why many of our current NCOs cannot attend. However, with the high number of SNCOs attending, I can make sure that you get some revision time, away from cadet activity, whilst on the camp should you need it.
Please let me know if you are able to attend as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please come and chat to me on Friday.
Kind Regards
Fg Off Ross

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