FCTC Uniform Issue

Yesterday FCTC cadets were issued with their ‘blues’ – the RAF style uniform that air cadets wear most of the time.
The uniform has been sourced from our squadron stores and, although we have tried to ensure that cadets receive new uniform, in some instances this has not been possible and we have had to allocate items on a ‘best-fit’ method.
In the coming weeks, cadets will have a number of uniform preparation sessions where we will teach them how to wear and maintain their uniform correctly. For now they have been asked not to iron or polish anything, but just do the following three things:
1. Find a place they can store their uniform correctly – clip top hangars for trousers and skirts, normal hangars for the jeltex waterproof jacket and shirts and a draw or storage box for their shoes, belt, tie, jumper, beret and other items.
2. Check that the uniform fits correctly and is hemmed to the correct length – skirts should be mid-knee length and trousers should reach to the second eyelet from the top of the parade shoe.
3. Sew the ‘Air Training Corps’ and ‘146’ badge on the brassard. The 146 Identification Badge is to be worn centrally 6mm from the top edge of the brassard. The Air Training Corps Badge is to be worn in a central position immediately below and touching the Identification badge.
Cadets will be in the ‘greens’ uniform they have been wearing for the next few parades and over camp-ex. If you find that there are any problems with any pieces of the uniform, then please let us know and we will try our best to replace the items.
Attached is also flyer the cadets received, detailing the extra items they will need to buy to complete and look after their uniform.
We are looking forward to seeing the transformation of 60 Entry into fully fledged cadets over the next few weeks. Any cadets who were not down on Sunday, will be issued their blues over the next few parades.
Kind Regards
Fg Off Ross
OIC First Class Training Course.pdf icon 60-Entry-Uniform-Issue-Flyer.pdf

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