Blue Flying Wings Opportunity – Departure Time Change – Confirmation Required

Sorry for this further change, the Wing Flying Officer gave a very over estimated travel time to where you are going tomorrow and I don’t want anyone hanging around doing nothing if I can help it.
Travel time will only be around an hour, so if you could please be *at the Sqn for 10:30 tomorrow*. CI Hensby will be waiting ready to take you over.
Confirm back that the time change has been received and doesn’t cause any issues for you.
Have a great day, looking forward to hearing all about the new flying training!
Fg Off Moores
———- Forwarded message ———- From: 146 (Northwich) Sqn <> Date: 20 May 2017 at 09:38 Subject: Blue Flying Wings Opportunity Update – Confirmation Required To:
I now have further details for the Blue Wings opportunity on Sunday.
You have all said you can attend. But please re-confirm 100% you can still come:
Cdt James Cdt Scheland Cdt Krzyzanowska Cdt Halliwell
You need to be at the Sqn at 09:00, in working blues, with 3822 and TG21/23 consent forms. Bring lunch, snacks and drinks.
This will be a full day, return time TBC, but likely late afternoon, as travel is to Staffordshire for the training. You may want something to do for the drive over, headphones etc.
Fg Off Moores

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