Upcoming classification assessments

********************************* If you choose not to read the following, please don’t complain, when you are being told you cannot sit an assessment because you have not attended enough lectures, or can’t make any of the assessment dates. All of the information is in this email. You have been warned! *********************************
Please see link below for assessment allocation for upcoming classification lectures and assessments in June/July. This document is also attached to this email:
Please check this document, to ensure you have been submitted for an assessment and that it is the correct one, i.e, you have not done the same topic before. Please let me know if there are any errors, or if your name is missing, ASAP. The document also shows any re-takes you have been entered for from previous attempts.
If you were un-successful in a subject during the last set of assessments (you must have sat enough lectures and at least turned up and attempted the assessment), then you will have been entered for it again automatically, as well as a new subject.
NOTE: If you are doing multiple assessments (i.e, one taught assessment and one re-take/self-study), your main taught assessment takes priority and lectures should always be attended. If your re-take is the same subject as the one being taught, then you may take your assessment early, please speak to me if you wish to do this.
Master cadets may choose to do an alternative subject, which would be strictly self study, with no tuition from the Sqn. Please see me at the Sqn to discuss this.
All dates for lectures and assessments are on the Sqn calendar and listed below:
Lectures: Tuesday 6th June Tuesday 20th June Tuesday 27th June Tuesday 4th July
Assessments (just required for approx 30 minute slot (depending on number of assessments) between 09:00 and 13:00 for weekend assessments. Don’t forget your notes, all assessments are multiple choice, open book): Saturday 8th July Saturday 22nd July Saturday 30th July
NOTE: You must attend at least 50 percent (rounded) of lectures/mock (2 out of the 4) before sitting an assessment. If you cannot attend enough of the lecture dates, then let me know ASAP so an alternative can be arranged. If you don’t, then you may not be able to sit an assessment. Please also let me know if you require an alternative assessment date. Communication is key, discuss any issues with me in advance, rather than when it is too late!
If you do not pass first time, then you will be able to do a re-take of the questions you did not pass. This must be 7 days after the first attempt and only one re-take is normally allowed. If you decide to only attend the last assessment date, then you will not be able to do a re-take. The earlier you attend, the more chance you have to pass.
You can download all of the resources and training material from the following link:
Each subject contains a “Cadet Guidance” pdf, which is essentially a combined copy of all of the PowerPoint Presentations, which is useful for printing and easier for fast searching of key words, useful in the assessment.
Let me know if you have any questions, either by replying to this email, or on a parade night. I am happy to sit down with any cadet and discuss where they are up to with assessments and classifications.
There will also be a copy of the progress chart up outside my office next week, so you can see where you are up to.
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