Silver Qualifying Expedition

Dear All,

Well done on finishing your Qualifying Expedition this weekend, I know that it wasn’t easy but I hope that you all feel that you have achieved something worthwhile this weekend.

Don’t waste all the hard work you put in this weekend and make sure you finish you aim work and hand it in on the deadline agreed with your Assessor and get on logging your hours and activities on eDofE.

Please make sure you carefully dry any tents you have borrowed from the squadron and ensure that tents and other equipment that you have hired are returned to the squadron as soon as possible. This way we can return your deposits, I can let your assessors know that you have returned it and I can get it all ready for the next lot of expeditions.

We would welcome any feedback that you have regarding the training that you received in the lead up to the expeditions. This is so that we can continue to make improvements and ensure that cadets are well prepared for the expeditions.

Any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact any of the DofE staff.

Sgt (ATC) Royle

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