Silver DofE Kit Hire outstanding

Dear All,

I have a number of outstanding items from the Silver DofE. I appreciate that you only completed this recently but I need to items back asap so that I can prep for the next expeditions.

The following cadets still need to return items:
– Cawley R – Sutton – Tidd – Ayliffe – Boyd – Davenport – Kirwin – Walker – Tomlinson – Ward – James – Wager – tent only

Please can you arrange to return them asap. There is a box outside the inner door of supply where you can label the items up and leave them so that I know exactly who has returned which items and can arrange for a return of monies as soon as possible. Please ensure that any tents are appropriately dried and returned in a useable condition.

Sgt (ATC) Royle

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