Trading places evening

On Tuesday’s parade will be the bidding night for the “Trading Places” evening. Trading Places night is an evening where cadets become NCOS / staff members |(and visa versa!) and run a full parade night on squadron.
The actual night will take place on the 16th June. You can choose to bid to trade place with a NCO / staff member for an evening. During the trading places evening you will take 1st and final parade as well as running activities for the rest of the cadets during the evening and organise break.
In order to bid for the places you will need to bring money down on Tuesday. All the money raised will go towards our charity this year, North West Air Ambulance. The prices for each NCO / staff member are as follows:
All cadet NCOs –> min = 50p max = £5 Adult NCOs –> min = £1 max = £10 Fg Offs –> min = £1.50 max = £15 Sqn Ldr –> min = £2 max = £20
If more than one cadet bids the maximum for the same NCO / staff member, a coin will be flipped to decide who gets the place. Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.
Cpl Marttinson, Cpl Dickinson, Cdt Carlin and Cdt Dutton S

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