Silver DofE Cadets – Log Book Reminder

Please see below for some hopefully useful information on DofE log books
This may have been discussed with your assessors, but it is important to backup your log books, if you are writing any of it on a computer. If you do not already use a service such as Dropbox, then I highly recommend you sign up!
Dropbox is a free cloud storage service, which backs up anything saved to it on the fly and saves it online. This means it can be accessed on any other machine and if you have any problems, several previous versions are kept, to prevent any data loss.
This will be useful, not only for your DofE log book, but also for school work and other important documents.
If you would like to give this a try, then please use the link below to register, which will give you extra space and also help the Sqn’s Dropbox account by giving us some extra space as well.
Also below, is a link to the log book guidance notes, which you already have a paper copy of:
Including everything from this sheet will ensure a successful submission and completion of the final of the 20 conditions. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate in speaking to your assessor. We are more then happy to look through any drafts in advance of the deadline. You should be aware of your agreed deadline dates, please speak to your assessor if you are not sure.
Finally, please see link below for the log book agreement, discussed with your assessor and agreed to by all participants. The requirement of this has come about from many an excuse in the past, don’t be one of them!
Fg Off Moores

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