Gold Residential Opportunities

You are receiving this email as you are some way along you Gold DofE journey, but have not yet completed your residential section.
In some ways this is the hardest section to complete, but with a little forward planning, it needn’t be.
Your residential activity must meet the following requirements:
– Cover a minimum of 5 days and 4 nights away from home. – Have an identified assessor. – Be a specific shared course or activity to broaden your experiences and interests. – Be with a group no smaller than 5 people, with unfamiliar staff and no more than 3 other people who you already know.
There are many courses through the Air Cadets that can help you achieve this goal. For example: ACLC, Nijmegen, Overseas camps, Marching Band Camps, Paragliding courses, Blues camps with other squadrons.
There are also many opportunities outside of cadets that could count. Last year, a few cadets took part in NCS for their residential.
If you have not yet planned anything, please keep an eye on the squadron calendar and opportunities that are announced. Similarly, there are lots of external providers that do some great residentials. YHA offer very cheap weeks away, as do some providers at these links (from as little as £10):…
If you think you are going on any residential camps that may qualify, I must apply to Wing to have them approved before you go. This means that you won’t spend a whole week somewhere, only to come back and find that it didn’t count. It also ensures that we have checked our numbers in advance. I.E. Wing Nesscliffe camp could count as a residential, but not for more than 4 of you.
Please let me know as soon as you have an interest in applying for any course. I’d far rather fill in the approval application and you not get a place on a camp, than we miss out on getting this section completed.
Don’t let this be the section that stops you completing such a prestigious award!
Any questions, please ask.
Fg Off Ross

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