Ensemble Competition 2017!

Hi All,
Ensemble rehearsals start on the 21st of June, 1900-2100, preparing for the Ensemble Competition on Field Training Day on Sunday 3rd September!
We will try to meet every Wednesday up until the Summer holidays, and then will arrange further practices based on availability.
21st June 28th June 5th July 12th July 19th July
My list of names is as follows:
Singers- Walker Dutton S Tours Cengiz Williams P Williams A-L Cawley S Cawley R Sutton Burling Tidd Cpl Liaukus Sgt McNulty Sgt Dutton
Instrumentalists Stubbs Moore Ferguson K Mattinson
If you guys can let me know which Wednesdays you can’t make, and what instruments/ vocal ranges you guys are in (if possible), that’d be great!
As ever, anyone else is more than welcome to join! Please reply with your interest or speak to me at the squadron
FS Barr

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