Important – Inter-Sqn L98 Competition – Sunday 18th June

All L98 trained cadets,
As announced at the Sqn, next Sunday, the 18th of June is the Inter-Sqn L98 competition. I am looking for cadets who wish to attend and represent the Sqn.
I know that you will likely be out of date with weapons handling test. These are being offered on Saturday the 17th of June. This would not be a full day, just attend to get signed off.
Transport provided both days, from the Sqn. Times to be confirmed for the Saturday, once I have names, Sunday will be a full day.
So far, the following have shown an interested, but I need to ensure cadets are 100% available for the 17th and 18th:
CWO Hensby Cdt Moore Cdt Ravenscroft
If anyone would still like to be in the team, but cannot attend the 17th for a test, the team does need to include a cadet who does not shoot, but assists with range duties on the day.
Fg Off Moores

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