Annual Inspection Date Change

As mentioned on parade, the date of our Annual Inspection has unfortunately been changed due to the availability of the Wing Commander to come and visit us.
We will now be inspected on Friday the 7th of June. Preparations for this started last night with our own uniform inspections and Sqn tidy up, everyone worked very hard and the Sqn looks fantastic. Many thanks for your efforts and to the NCOs for looking after everything.
I do appreciate that the 7th of July was planned to be stood down, due to a staff and NCO meeting and that some cadets will have made plans as a result. If this is the case, then anything you can re-arrange would be hugely appreciated, but I do understand if you will not be able to attend. Leave is of course now required from all cadets who will not be present.
This has led to a shuffle of events over the next few weeks:
Friday 23rd June – FT (Leading) /Sports (Senior/Master) Friday 30th June – Cadets stood down / staff/NCO conference (NCOs, separate instruction will be circulated for this) Friday 7th July – Inspection night, activities will include FTD prep sessions
Due to the change this Friday, please ensure you are in the correct uniform and have the correct kit with you.
Fg Off Moores

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