Race For Life volunteering details – Saturday 24th June

If anyone else wishes to assist this Saturday, please let me know. The Race For Life is a great event, which cadets have really enjoyed helping with in the past.
Details as follows:
I now have transport available, so all cadets are to meet at the Sqn at 08:00, no need to travel direct to Tatton Park
You will need:
– Working blues uniform – Jumper and jeltex with you (regardless of weather) – TG21/23 form – Drinks/snacks
Lunch is provided for volunteers at the event
We will be back at the Sqn between 14:00 and 15:00.
Names so far:
Heald Perrie Pickering Krzyzanowska Blanck Chesworth Snowdon Halliwell (had name down, but at Liverpool band parade, please confirm)

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