Saturday Volunteering, transport update (now available to all)

Sorry for a further message.
A parent has offered to take cadets to the event tomorrow (many thanks!), which means I can offer a lift to all cadets a lift from the Sqn at 08:00
I will catch up with you all this evening to confirm
Fg Off Moores
———- Forwarded message ———- From: 146 (Northwich) Sqn <> Date: 22 June 2017 at 12:29 Subject: URGENT – Saturday Volunteering, transport changes To:
My apologies, but due to a change with the band parade in Liverpool, there is no longer a bus available for the volunteering event this weekend. This means I will have to revert to the originally announced plan of cadets making their own way to the event.
Please do speak to each other regarding transport, as you may well be able to share lifts with others.
Sgt (ATC) Royle has offered to take four cadets in her car, but please only ask if you have no other way of getting there, to ensure other cadets are prioritised accordingly.
New timings as follows:
08:00 at Sqn for those having a lift 08:45 at Tatton Park for others
Drop-off in the main car park. There will be signs directing you. Advise the marshals that you are volunteering for the event. Collection from the same place at approx 14:00.
Ensure you have Sgt (ATC) Royle’s number in case of an issue finding where you are going (07973844192 <07973%20844192>)
Names below, alongside requests for transport I have so far
Heald – lift Perrie Pickering Krzyzanowska – lift Blanck Chesworth Snowdon
Fg Off Moores

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