Pass Out Parade – Sunday 1st July

A reminder that tomorrow is 60 Entry Pass Out Parade. Your attendance at this event really makes a difference to the parade and makes the event a truly special occasion for our newest recruits.
FCTC cadets and all sqn NCOs need to arrive at Memorial Court at 0800.
Maintream cadets to arrive at 0900.
Make sure you are wearing your smartest Wedgewood blue uniform (light blue shirt and tie) and that you have your jumper and jeltex with you for the parade march back. We will NOT be wearing jumpers on parade, so please arrive in shirts. Belongings need to be left in the green room on your arrival – please make sure all kit is identifiable.
Don’t forget to have breakfast before you arrive – you will be stood on parade for a long time!
After the parade, we will march back to the squadron. Finish time is approximately 12.00.
Kind Regards
Fg Off Ross

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