Comedy night – 14th July

Hi all,
As it says on the calendar, it is comedy night on Friday the 14th of July, which we have decided to host in order to raise money for our charity this year, North West Air Ambulance. It is essentially a summer revue but it just contains comedy!
In order to make this night a success, we need entries for people who want to perform some comedy and you can present it how you want to. This can be in the form of stand up, a video etc.
As well as the comedy, we will be holding a snack bar with drinks, cakes and other snacks that are brought in. So it would be very helpful to us if people brought some cakes or something down for the snack bar. This will be how we will raise the money for our charity, so don’t forget some change!
If you’re interested in doing either the comedy or helping with the snack bar, please contact one of us so we know what we are expecting. this night needs your input to make it a success. As it is a summer revue of comedy, dress for the night will be civvies. Our main aim for this night is to raise money for charity but to also give you a rest from lectures and have a really enjoyable night.
Any questions please just ask one of us and we hope to see you all on the 14th!
Many thanks
CDT Collinson, Evison, Beard and Gardner

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