Annual Inspection – Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening is Annual Inspection. The Wing Commander will be coming down to inspect the squadron and points scored will go towards Wing Field Training Day
Please make sure you are in your smartest Wedgewood blues (light blue shirts and ties). Arrival at the squadron at 18.30 will help us to make sure everyone is in place and knows what they are doing at 19.00, so please come down early if you can.
Once we have finished the parade, the programme will run as follows:
Drill and Banner Teams – Outside First Aid Team – Tiled Classroom (bring greens to change in to just in case) Media – End Classroom Modelling – Hall and Modelling room Flight Sim – Flight Sim Room Cyber comms – FCTC Classroom
Please note that all cadets who are NOT in wing field training day teams and ALL of 60 Entry will be doing a cyber comms night.
Kind Regards
Fg Off Ross

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