Gold Residentials

I have submitted applications for you to complete your Gold Residential Sections at your upcoming camps.
Getting this section signed off is completely your responsibility – I will not be able to chase unknown staff from camps across the UK!
You will need to do the following: 1. Take with you a residential assessor form – this is either in your Gold Award Pack, if you have been given one, or you need to ask for one next time you’re down, or you can find a copy attached to the email.
2. AS SOON AS YOU CAN WHEN YOU ARRIVE ON CAMP – make yourself known, ask if it is OK to complete the camp as a residential and agree goals for the week with your assessor. You CANNOT just ask someone to fill the paperwork in at the end of the week, as they will have every right to decline! It is an assessed element, and therefore they need to have been watching you with this in mind.
3. Make regular check ups with your agreed assessor during the week (if possible)
4. Get them to sign their assessor’s form before you leave them!
Any questions please ask.
I have the following people down for the following residentials:
RIAT Cpl Holland
D&C Camp FS Worley Sgt McNulty
ACLC Cpl Westray Cdt Gardner
Sutton Trust Programme Cpl Kingston
Nijmegen Cdt Moore (this has not yet been approved – awaiting confirmation from Fg Off Wong)
If you think you are going on a camp that would qualify for a residential but your name is not on the list, please let me know as soon as possible. You cannot attend a residential without having approval from wing BEFORE you go!
Any questions about residentials, please ask!
Kind Regards
Fg Off Ross

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