Bronze Training Walk

Dear All,


I hope that you all enjoyed the training walk on Saturday and found it a good opportunity to learn new navigation skills and test out your kit and clothing before your expedition.


Please ensure that you are available for the route planning sessions outlined below so that you can ensure that you and your team are sufficiently prepared for your practice expedition:


Tuesday 26th September 2017

Route Planning for Practice Expedition

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Route Planning for Practice Expedition

Full Kit Check

Tuesday 6th October 2017

Route Planning for Practice Expedition

& discrepancies


During the walk FS Hensby and I spoke to a number of you about concerns around your kit, please ensure that you have all the kit on the kit list ready for the kit check – this was provided for you at the training day and is available on the squadron website. For a full kit check you will need to attend in the clothing and boots that you are going to walk in and bring all the items on the kit list (apart from any food or water). If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to me or another member of the DofE team as soon as possible.


I do expect all cadets to attend the route planning sessions above unless there is an exceptional reason why you are unable to. Unfortunately if there is not maximum attendance on these dates you may find that as a team you are unable to finish your prep which will mean that you will be unable to attend the expedition. Therefore, if you are unable to attend on any of the dates outlined above then you must let me know beforehand, as well as putting in a leave application.


If you need to hire any kit or equipment you also need to hand in a completed hire form as soon as possible with the appropriate hire fees in an envelope (these are returnable once the equipment is returned to the squadron). This will enable me to have your equipment ready for the kit check.


Any cadets who do not have their own tent will also need to hire a tent, individually, by completing the hire form and submitting the relevant fee along with the signature of one of your parents who are happy to take responsibility for drying it appropriately. If you have your own tent please discuss this with me so that we can determine whether it would be suitable for the expeditions.


We can discuss who is sharing tents (2’s or 3’s) when we do the kit checks.


In addition, you do need to hand in a consent (health) form for each expedition so please hand in one for the practice expedition as soon as possible.


Sgt (ATC) Royle

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