Drill/Banner Team Practice – Wednesday 2nd August


The Banner Team Practice will be held between 18:00 – 19:30 and the Drill Team Practice between 19:30 – 21:30 on Wednesday 2nd August. 

The practice will be in civvies, please bring/wear your parade shoes in order to practice in the shoes you'll be wearing on the day. 

Thanks to those who replied to my email about availability, we only had 2 cadets turn up last night for the 18:30 practice which was sad to see, seeing as most of you should have been here. 

I cannot reiterate how important these practices are, FTD Competition is 1 month away and we NEED to start sequence training for both Banner and Drill. 

Any questions please let me know, otherwise I'll see you at 18:00 and/or 19:30. 

FS (ATC) Hensby

Note: Due to recent email issues, we have upgraded our system, meaning all emails will now be sent from "info@theaircadets.org".  We will still receive all emails from other addresses, such as "adj", "webboardadmin" and "webmaster", but please update your contact lists with our new address going forwards.
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