Fairbourne Kit Check


A number of cadets have emailed this week, to tell me they are unable to attend the kit check on Tuesday.  This is not acceptable at this late stage, the dates and details were issued a long time ago.
This includes cadets travelling to D+C camp, non of whom have approached me to make alternative arrangements for the kit check.
At this late stage, I cannot just add extra kit checks into the programme to suit, without a knock-on effect on other activities.
As next Friday the 11th is the only option to complete these additional checks, any cadets unable to attend the kit check on Tuesday the 8th must speak to me in the first instance, to arrange a kit check for Friday the 11th.  As a consequence, the Sqn will now also be stood down, due to the additional staff burden.
D+C cadets, as you are not here all of next week, I will assume you may have already packed.  In which case, FS (ATC) Hensby has kindly offered to complete your kit check after final parade tonight.  Otherwise, your kit check will be on arrival at Fairbourne on Saturday the 12th.  Any discrepancies at this stage will prevent you from attending the walk and you will stay at the centre for that activity.
Fg Off Moores

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