Annual consent and health declaration form reminder

Dear parents, guardians and cadets,

This message is an reminder on the requirements of consent forms for cadet activities, especially for parents of new cadets.
Please do ask if there are any questions.
Kind regards
Fg Off Moores
TG21 Activity Consent and TG23 Health Declaration Forms

  • A TG21 is required for all OFF SQN events, such as band parades, volunteering events, sports competitions etc.  Contact details should be current and appropriate to the time period of the event the form is for, so staff can get in touch with parents if required.
  • A TG23 is only required when a medical condition is being declared, one per declaration.  All medical issues must be declared every time and any medication mentioned on the form brought along to the activity.  Staff are aware of medical issues sometimes not being declared for some events, which can have a detrimental effect on the cadet's experience of the activity.
  • Both of these forms are available in an editable Word format, allowing you to pre-fill some of the details before printing, which will save a lot of time when completing them
  • These forms can be downloaded from the Sqn website ( or in hard copy from the Sqn.
  • The latest version of both of these forms is V2.0, please ensure any older ones are destroyed, as some are still being handed in.
AV Med Form

  • This form is only required for cadets go flying, it is different to the TG21/23 and specific to this activity
  • If when completing the form, you answer "Yes" to any of the questions, then further action may be required before a cadet is allowed to fly.  Therefore it is recommended to look through this form in advance, so the next steps can be followed.
  • These forms can be downloaded from the Sqn website ( or in hard copy from the Sqn.
  • The latest version of this form is 1.02, please ensure any older ones are destroyed.
Note: Due to recent email issues, we have upgraded our system, meaning all emails will now be sent from "".  We will still receive all emails from other addresses, such as "adj", "webboardadmin" and "webmaster", but please update your contact lists with our new address going forwards.
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