Silver DofE – eDofE update

Congratulations on the successful completion of your Silver Expedition. On Tuesday, you will be able to collect your log books from the squadron. 
Silver accounts are now available for you on eDofE for those of you who have completed Bronze level. To sign off your expedition section, you simply need to add a group photo.
Don't forget that the expedition is just a quarter of the award. You need to be working on the Skill, Volunteering, and Physical section – you can backdate this section to September 2016, so anything you have done since then will count. Please use your time over the summer holidays to get as up to date as you can!
If you have any questions about any of these sections and how to complete them, please come and talk to me. 
There are also 'Silver Packs' with Cotswolds Discount cards and assessor report books for you all, which you can collect next time you are down at the squadron. 
Kind Regards
Fg Off Ross

Note: Due to recent email issues, we have upgraded our system, meaning all emails will now be sent from "".  We will still receive all emails from other addresses, such as "adj", "webboardadmin" and "webmaster", but please update your contact lists with our new address going forwards.
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