Fairbourne Kit Check Update

Please find details below of descrepencies from the kit check tonight. These items need to be checked during Friday's kit check at 1900 – once your kit has been checked, you do not need to stay at the sqn.
Perrie – walking clothes, waterproofs, rucksack liner, mug, wash kit
Mattinson – waterproof jacket
Campbell-Briggs – Waterproof jacket and trousers
Dooley (f) – Waterproof trousers
Holmes/Carlin shared kit – gas
Cawley – water bottles (being checked Saturday morning)
Walker – wash kit
Hughes – walking boots and clothes, mug, emergency rations, 1x water bottle
Foulkes – mug, spare bags, water bottle, sewing kit
Wager – waterproof trousers, double wrapped sleeping bag, emergency rations, extra water bottle, whistle, spare bags, 
Davenport H – waterproof trousers (hired), spare bags, batteries for torch
Davidson – waterproofs, double wrapped sleeping bag
Ferguson J – boots/walking clothes, liner, whistle, map case
Gardner – rucksack liner
Kirwin – boots, gloves, spare trousers/fleece, spare bulb and batteries, spare bags, mug, emergency rations, KFS, wash kit
Dooley (m) waterproofs, 
Woodfinden – whistle, bag for emergency rations
Davenport J – mug, wash kit
Group kit:
Woodfinden/Worley/Hensby – washing up kit
Dooley/Kirwin/Moore – washing up kit
The following people require a full kit check on Friday, 19:00:
Ferguson K
The following will need to complete a kit check on arrival at Fairbourne:
The following people have hired items, which will be given out on Saturday morning, and therefore do not need at attend the kit check on Friday:
Holland – waterproof trousers
Stubbs – waterproofs
Ravenscroft – waterproof trousers
Lever – waterproof trousers        
Cengiz – Waterproof trousers
Evison – waterproof trousers, rucksack
Finally, the following people have had all items checked and do not need to attend on Friday:
Fg Off Moores

Note: Due to recent email issues, we have upgraded our system, meaning all emails will now be sent from "info@theaircadets.org".  We will still receive all emails from other addresses, such as "adj", "webboardadmin" and "webmaster", but please update your contact lists with our new address going forwards.
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