1980 – 1989

The early 80’s saw the introduction of girls into the Corps. 146’s first female cadet was Julie Biddle (now Julie Walker) who went on to become a Civilian Instructor with the Squadron.

In 1983 Flt Lt R Hornby handed over command to Flt Lt P Heyes who held the post for just one year.

In 1983 the old hut, which originated from RAF Cranage, was knocked down and replaced with the building which stood until 2012 when the Queen street site was demolished and replaced with houses. AWO Mike Scott played a large part in assembling and equipping the building before he moved out of the area.

Queen Street Squadron

Queen Street Squadron

Also in 1983, Flt Lt R E Alford became the commanding officer, taking over from Flt Lt P Heyes in 1984. Under his command the numbers of cadets increased from less than 40 cadets in 1984 to 80 cadets in 1985. Cadets continued to earn Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Duke of Edinburgh Logo

Duke of Edinburgh Logo

1986 saw the band reform again under the guidance of Jos Twose.

In 1988, Flt Lt R E Alford was then transferred to Canada with his job and command was handed to Flt Lt P Twose.

The Squadron celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1989 with a church service and reception at Headquarters. Many past cadets attended, renewing acquaintances and reliving old memories.

1990 – 1999

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