Meet The Staff

Uniformed Staff

Squadron Leader Paul Thompson RAFAC:

Became involved with the squadron after his son joined as a cadet and he was impressed with what a positive impact 146 had on his development. He joined  as a Civilian Instructor in 1995 and then gained a commission in 1999. Since retiring he can now devote even more time to 146! He took command of the Squadron in July 2008.

Flight Lieutenant Mark Lever RAFAC:

Mark was a cadet with 146 Squadron between 1978 and 1987, reaching the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer, when he left for university to study Business Studies and Law. He re-joined the Squadron as a Civilian Instructor in 2007 and was commissioned as an Officer in 2008. He looked after First Class training for a number of years and currently manages Health and Safety.  Mark is a qualified Solicitor and criminal defence specialist based in Liverpool.

Flying Officer Martin Moores RAFAC:

Martin was a cadet for seven years, reaching the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer.  In August 2006 he became a Civilian Instructor, mainly looking after the Sqn computers, media, website and administrative duties, later becoming the Squadron Adjutant.  After seven years as a civilian, Martin applied for and was accepted for a Commission, becoming a Pilot Officer in 2014, then Flying Officer in 2016.  He remains at the Squadron Adjutant and also holds a role on Merseyside Wing staff as the Deputy IT Officer. Martin currently works as an IT Support Technician for Compass Minerals at Winsford Salt Mine.

Flying Officer Sarah Ross RAFAC:

Sarah joined 146 as a cadet aged 13. After going to University, she returned as a Civilian Instructor. In 2014 Sarah decided to go back into uniform and was accepted for a commission. Alongside running the Squadron band, Sarah oversees the online administration of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme and runs our two BTEC Courses – in ‘Teamwork and Personal Development’ and ‘Music for Practical Performance’. In 2017, Sarah was promoted to Flying Officer and also took over the running of the First Class Training Course.  As well as running first aid courses on the squadron, she is also the Deputy First Aid Officer for Merseyside Wing.

Flying Officer Matthew Wright RAFAC:

Matthew joined the Squadron in 2006, after six years as a cadet and reaching the rank of Flight Sergeant, he left to become a Civilian Instructor. In June 2013 he was commissioned and went back into uniform as a Pilot Officer. He finished a business enterprise degree in 2013 and is currently running his own business in Northwich. Matthew took over the running of the new recruit flight in 2014 and from 2018, looks after the Leading Course cadets.

Warrant Officer Abi Hensby RAFAC:

Abi joined 146 as a cadet in 2003 at the age of 14. Abi had an illustrious cadet career including achieving all three DofE awards, attending an International Air Cadet Exchange in the UK and achieving the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer. At the age of 20 she transferred to staff as an SNCO, in this role she has attended several Corps Nordic Ski Camps and ran the Squadron’s First Class Training Programme.

Abi was promoted to the rank of FS RAFAC in August 2014 and is currently the Squadron Sports Officer as well as assisting the Merseyside Wing Sports Team, also on Squadron she oversees the NCO Development in the role of Squadron Warrant Officer. Abi is the Operations/Compliance Manager for GB Helicopters in Manchester, overseeing flight planning and all operations for the business.

Abi was promoted to Warrant Officer in November 2018 by Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty, while on camp in RAF Akrotiri.

Warrant Officer Dan Doherty RAFAC:

Born in Liverpool, Dan first joined the Air Cadets in 2001 with 2348 (Maghull) Sqn. Having achieved the rank of Cadet Flight Sergeant he went on to become a Civilian Instructor and later, in 2011, a uniformed member of staff.

In 2016 Dan moved to the Northwich area and joined the staff team at 146.

Dan is a qualified drill, radio and archery instructor. He was promoted to Warrant Officer in June 2019.

Flight Sergeant Louise Royle RAFAC:

Louise was a cadet at 145 (Altrincham) Squadron and particularly enjoyed flying, gliding, shooting and sport, representing the cadets at various levels at sports, including corps level in athletics (long jump). She currently works as a Deputy Director of Human Resources at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and has a post graduate diploma and MA in HR.

Louise joined 146 in 2007 as a Civilian Instructor and originally oversaw the Sports section. In 2013 Louise went back into uniform as an Adult NCO and is currently in the Squadron Supply Officer, as well as being a qualified Basic Expedition Leader and Fieldcraft instructor. Louise was promoted to the rank of Flight Sergeant in 2017.

Sergeant Jordan Brown RAFAC:

Jordan joined the Air Cadets at the age of 13 and reached the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer.  She started at 2433 Ramsgate and Manston Squadron in Kent.  Jordan was lead drummer at 2433 Squadron, competing against other Squadrons at a National level!

Jordan moved to Cheshire in 2018, joining 146 Squadron in early 2019.  Jordan’s main interests are fieldcraft and radio comms

Service Helpers

SAC Charlie Hensby:

Charlie joined 146 at the age of 13. He took an interest in adventure training and shooting. He completed a Region coaching course for shooting, in order to help younger cadets on the range. In his last year he had the opportunity to go Turkey on the International Air Cadet Exchange.

Charlie started RAF Phase 1 training in late 2017 and passed out in January 2018. After training was complete, he was posted to RAF Lossiemouth as a supplier, working in Fuels and Lubricants.In early 2019, Charlie returned to the Sqn as a Service Helper and is now able to assist on parade nights and annual camps.

Civilian Instructors

Mr Brian Hensby:

Brian joined 296 (Stoke Newington) Squadron , London in 1966 then transferred to 306 (Runcorn) Squadron in 1968. Brian left the cadets in 1971 to join the Police. Brian has completed an A&B Certificate for Gliding and completed 43 hours towards a Private Pilot’s Licence.  From 1999 until 2005, Brian was Air Operations Manager at the Police Air Support Unit in Cheshire and from there retired and went to work for the Highways Agency as an Operations Manager in the Traffic Officer Service. Brian joined 146 Squadron as a Civilian Instructor in early 2010 and currently looks after Flying and Gliding.

Mr James Moores:

James was a cadet for seven years, attaining the rank of cadet Flight Sergeant prior to becoming a Civilian Instructor when he turned 20. James completed a Computer Science degree in 2013 at the University of Chester and is currently working as an IT Support Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. At the squadron James oversees admin flight, is in charge of maintaining and updating the Squadron website and is qualified as a Range Conducting Officer.

Mr Alex Cowhig:

Alex is an Technology Partner with Barclays bank and became involved as a Civilian Instructor in the Air Cadets shortly after his eldest son joined in late 2017. While never having been involved in the ATC before this, he has served in the Territorial army (350 field squadron air support) – while at university in Nottingham where he completed a BSc Hons in Maths with computing.

Mr Clive Palmer:

Clive was a cadet in the early 1980s, entered the RAF as an engineer and represented the RAF and Combined Services in Athletics and Canoeing until 1990. Alongside making parts for every type of aircraft the RAF owned, he led climbing and canoeing expeditions in UK and Europe. After teaching Training in 1990-1994 in Science and Outdoor Education he taught in Post 16 education in Sports Science at a college in Widnes, running many land and water based residentials as part of a BTEC in Sports Science. Since 2000 he has taught in Higher Education across Sport, PE and now Outdoor Leadership at the University of Central Lancashire. He is keen to share his skills and knowledge wherever it may be of most benefit for the cadets in their learning journey.

Miss Amy Wilson:

Amy Joined the cadets at 2433 (Ramsgate and Manston) squadron in Kent at the age of 13, becoming a Civilian Instructor once she aged out. She transferred to 146 (Northwich) Squadron after graduating university and starting a job as a Registered Veterinary Nurse.

Amy is heavily involved in the band here at 146 squadron, helping the cadets to develop their music skills.

Miss Rose Dutton:

Rose joined 146 in 2013 and aged out in 2019 as a Cadet Warrant Officer. She has always been heavily involved in the squadron band, and is now the band master. She also developed a love for field craft and road marching, going on to complete Nijmegen as a cadet and is now involved with road marching as staff.

Through cadets, Rose discovered her passion for first aid and is working towards getting a place on a paramedic apprenticeship scheme through the NHS.

Miss Emily Holmes:

Emily joined 146 in 2014 at the age of 13. She took a strong interest in drill and as soon as she became a NCO, was heavily involved in drill, from teaching to being the Squadron’s banner bearer. She has competed at Wing, Region and Corps level in banner and arms drill. In 2017 she joined the Wales and West Ceremonial Flight’s drill team and won two national competitions. With all this drill knowledge under her belt she then went to the National Drill and Ceremonial camps. In her last year of face to face activity she had the opportunity to carry the Corps banner for the Air Cadets at the Drill and Ceremonial final parade at RAF Scampton. She aged out in March 2021 as a Cadet Warrant Officer and is now a Civilian Instructor.

Miss Charlotte Tours:

Charlotte joined 146 in 2016 and aged out in 2021 as Cadet Warrant Officer.
She has been heavily involved with the Squadron and North Region band and has recently become the staff Drum Major Instructor as well as representing 146 at the National Tri-Service Band camp in Scotland back in 2019. Alongside band she has also been very involved with foot drill.

Throughout her time as a cadet she has developed a passion for first aid and has become a member of the Wings first aid training team and finding a passion for leadership and teamwork this has encouraged her to join the RAF Reserves as well as the Police.

Miss Indie Mackintosh:

Mr Matthew Foxley:

Civilian Welfare Committee

Mr John Dwyer (President):

john dwyer

John is a former Police and Crime Commissioner and Assistant Chief Constable for Cheshire, the first to be elected to the role in 2012.  He is a former Assistant Chief Constable and cabinet member on the Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council for three years.  John became President of the Civilian Committee in 2015.

Mr Richard Lloyd (Chairman):


Mrs Claire Cowhig (Treasurer):


Mrs Heather Yale (Secretary):

After seeing how much her son and daughter had benefited from being cadets, Heather decided to join the Civilian Committee in 2011, so that she could give some help and support back to the Squadron. With 14 years experience as an Executive Secretary, Heather was more than happy to take on the role of Secretary of the Committee, taking over in June 2014.

Revd David Hill (Padre):

David moved to Northwich in 1999 when he became the Minister of a local church. Originally from The Midlands and Bournemouth, he travelled around the UK as a Missionary / Evangelist before being ordained in 1988 and becoming a Church Minister. When David was asked to become the Squadron Padre, he felt very honoured; especially as his father had served in the RAF.

Now a local funeral director David is married to Yvonne with two children. A keen musician who enjoys talking, trying to tell funny stories and riding his motorbike!

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